Thursday, November 10, 2011

My second race

"A well spent day means a happy sleep"  - Leonardo Da Vinci

Standing on top of the world..

Just a quick blog today, it's late, and we have an early start tomorrow for the first of two Four-man races. There will be plenty more videos and pictures up in the next post I promise.

Today was Gareth's first ever hit of the bobsled, and he took off like a rocket, getting Jason a 5.28 second start.. that's one hundredth of a second faster than Lucas yesterday.

Listen closely as Heath begins to get jumpy that Gareth may not actually get into the sled...

We found out form Jason afterwards that Gareth was so pumped for his first run that he began cheering around each corner... but as he was not used to g-forces, was unable to get a complete cheer out through a corner... "Yeee.............(air squeezed out during corner).....................haaaaaa"

This cowboy from the west was loving it, and he'll be expected to put his strong back and steel toes to good use in the four man race.

With an extra week of sliding under my belt, I took off with Heath again, and we got a 5.12 in the first run, equal with my best push. I was dissapointed, knowing I could improve so much but unable to deliver out on the ice.

In the long preparation for our next run, I went through another full warm up with Heath. In our best initial push yet, we got a 5.10 seconds, a personal best for me, and just a few tenths off the best.

We finished 8th overall, and while Heath was disappointed with the finish to his second run, we both know that the final step to the top isn't all that far away.

I keep improving and I'm stoked about it. It's been a hectic ten days, and my hamstring has tweaked a little, I'm hoping it holds up tomorrow for the four-man event.

The boys spent the rest of the day chilling out, watching some skeleton, and constantly repeating the main line of what appears to have become our team song... "Cost of livin" by Ronnie Dunn... it's an absolutely atrocious song, and it's become the source of many early morning laughs in the freezing cold.

If you've been reading my posts up till now, you'll know my favourite Aussie rules team came to watch my first ever race. They have done a story (with great video and some pictures) for their website..

North Melbourne article: Roos repay favour

The four man awaits.... it's the blue-ribbon event, we're all pumped.

Time to dig in and give it!

Keep feeling the rhythm

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